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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Time for an Olivia sized update

When I find the camera cord I'll load up some pictures of Olivia's last week in our apartment and take some more of our new house.

Other than that we'll talk about talking.

Olivia is in the mimicking stage and always does so with a ton of enthusiasm. Sometimes she gets it right, and sometimes she just says a ton of sounds but she always has the right number of syllables. She knows everyone in her family's name and we talk about you all at least weekly. Her most favorite relative is "Voufer" or Luther the Brazier's dog.

She can point to almost all of her body parts including elbow and heart. She can say: eye, nose, ears,teeth, mouth, elbow, heart, toes, feet, butt, bottom, belly and some others that I am forgetting.

She talks about the things she does all day. She picks things up and says, "ra-SH" which is, "this needs to be thrown in the trash." She uses "bolls" (bowls) "lates" (plates) "orks" (forks) "poons" (spoons). She eats "ap-pees" and "orns" (oranges). She loves to drink her "mil-K" and her "wa-wee." She wants to take a "bat-s" (bath) about every five minutes, and she LOVES to read "boo-ts" (not boots, books).

She takes her "nite-nite" and her "guk" (pacifier) with her to bed every night, but if she's not all the way asleep after we rock her and we say, "are you ready to lay in your crib," she politely kicks her legs and says, "No." If we try to put her in anyway she is no longer polite and cries, "NOOOOOOOOO!"

She likes to tell me whose clothes I'm folding, "daddy's" or "mommy's", sometimes it's "mine."

She tells me when it's time for "lunts" (Lunch) and "din-uh" (dinner) and she even helps cook by dangling between my knees.

She loves to play with her new toy stroller which I got for $6 at Biglots. She pushes her "doh-gees" and her "meow"s and sometimes she finds a "duh-KK" to push too. She cuddles her "baby-doll" and then puts her in the stroller for a "wah-k" around the living room.

Her animals are very expressive. They say, "neigh neigh," "woof woof," "meow," "kwa-K," "rrrooowl," "oik-K" (in a growly voice), and "MMOOOOOO!"

Her asks for books by name. We read, "Why-Lah" (Where the Wild Things Are), and "bye-dah" (The Very Busy Spider) every day, multiple times a day. Sometimes multiple times in a row.

ANd she says her prayers every night before bed and dinner. She says, "Gee-Sah!" and "Ah-ME!"

There is one word, though, that she keeps on saying, and I cannot put my finger on what it is. It's "bye-lah" and whatever it is it's in the kitchen. So when I figure that one out I'll let you know.