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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Taking ownership

When something has gone neglected for a while, like our blog for instance, it's really hard for me to take ownership of it again. I'm definitely a fair weathered friend.

I don't feel like this blog is ours anymore. It used to be so fun and exciting. I guess it was just new. Now it's like an old sweater. You can remember all the reasons why it was your favorite, but you don't really want to wear it today. Maybe tomorrow...

I think that I need to take ownership of this blog again. Rob has fallen off the face of the earth, so I can't expect him to fill these cyber-pages. I'm just going to have to do it myself, I guess.

So, my belated new years resolution (or something like that) is to be more nurturing to the old blog. I am going to start writing more about the things that I am finding interesting now that I'm a mom and starting to think more mom-like. (Maybe that's it, maybe I find my momself a little boring?) Well, it's time to embrace the boring Mom Life and write about it like it matters. Maybe I won't get into all the details (barf, cloth diapers, restless nights, obsessing over the food groups) but I'm going to write about it.

Hopefully you all will enjoy reading about it.