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Friday, July 08, 2005

Olivia and Uncle Ron

Olivia and Uncle Ron
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This is Olivia sitting in the lap of her "Uncle" Ron. You probably gathered that by the title of the post.

Ron is a sailor. He owns his own boat, and for the last 18 years he's been sailing around the world because he can. He's been to China, South Africa, New Zealand, and a bunch of places I've never even heard of. Ron has even drank the narcotic spit of people who live in the jungles of Africa. Gross.

Ron is my dad's step-mother's son. I had never met him before our recent trip to Vermont to see my Grandpa's house before they sell it. He just walked in the door, and my Dad's wife and I were like, "Uhm, Hello?" Neither of us knew he was coming. That was wierd. Then we were introduced, and the family all got acquainted over some tasty beverages (That's Rob's hand in the picture about to sip his yummy bass ale). He showed us a slide show on his laptop of the last year of his travels.

During that slide show he said things like, "Yeah, that's pretty much virgin forest, no one really goes there." And, "Yeah, we were pretty much out on our own out there." And, "The government of (I forget where) set up a little shack in order to bring in more tourists and we stayed there."

Even though I've been to China, and seen and eaten some strage stuff, this guy takes the cake. It was cool to have met him.

Olivia usually is pretty afraid of men with dark hair, but she took right to Ron. He's pretty fun-loving, so I see why. It still surprised me.

Anyway. This is a pointless post, really. Just thought I'd share with everyone what kind of odd-balls I'm related to. The cool kind.