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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Hi, nice to meet you, my name is Ma.

I am officially Ma. Liv says, "Ma" now and I have melted to the floor. I came after "Da", "Doh" (dog), "Keeh" (kitty), "Nana", and "Bobo" (I'm not sure if that ever meant anything, but it was cute). I don't care though, because I am Ma.

We also hit a milestone yesterday at the doctor's office. Liv associated pat-a-cake with clapping her hands. She didn't realize how to clap until Tuesday when her good friend Connor (Remember the cutie from "Stay away from boys"?) showed her how to do it at play group. Now she claps whenever I sing her a song. It's very darling.

And then, about 30 minutes ago, right before her nap, Olivia gave me the first intentional snuggle. She usually fights and pushes when she's tired. In fact she's kind of a touch-me-not baby. But today she was sitting in my lap and she just snuggled her head right to my chest and let out a big sigh. Then she held on tight and just hugged me.

It's all over now. I'm wrapped around her finger.