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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Stay Away From Boys!

This is Olivia trying to heed her father's command, "Stay away from boys!" Connor is trying his latest pick up line, and Olivia is saying, "Mom, put down the camera and bail me out of this. Tell him I'm not old enough to date."

Connor, a boy from our play groups has the hots for Olivia. He's 13 days older than she is. On Tuesday, Connor and Olivia were laying on the carpet next to each other. Olivia was looking casually up at the ceiling, but Connor was rolling up closer to Olivia. He even wrapped his arm around her head.

I think it might be because when we went on a walk Olivia let Connor borrow her blanket. If you give those boys and inch they'll take a mile.

Olivia likes Connor as a friend, and she even thinks they have similar interests: milk, toes, pacifiers. They both enjoy cooing and smiling. But, Olivia plans to put her romantic life on the back burner while she pursues other priorities. Olivia is very motivated right now to learn to walk. She knows that it takes months of perseverance and dedication to become a true biped, and dating Connor at this time will just set her back.

I'm proud of Olivia's decision to stay single, and I support her. If she doesn't want to date until she's 25, I'm OK with that. Let's just hope that she has enough vocabulary to let Connor down easy.