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Monday, December 12, 2005

Five facts

I've been tagged by the Great Aardie to list 5 facts about myself, so I'm gonna list them. I have not thought this out in advance, so we'll also be learning a little about the stream-of-consciousness mind a la Devona. This should be fun...

  1. When I listen to music I listen to the same three or four CDs for months on end, on repeat. Then I rarely listen to them again on my own.
  2. I really really need a new sewing machine, but I always find something that I need more.
  3. I'm kind of glad that I had a good reason to quit going to school because I spent a lot of time wondering what it was exactly that I intended to do with my degree.
  4. I can get obsessed with an idea, like how I will decorate the house I buy, and get really depressed when it doesn't happen the way I thought it would, even though my ideas were all fantastical.
  5. I hate doing dished more than anything (even laundry) and often find excuses for not doing them for days at a time: "I have to write a blog. We need toilet paper. I wanted to go to the thrift store."