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Friday, December 09, 2005

1st haircut

I gave Liv her first haircut. She needs more help than I can give, but I at least got it out of her eyes.

She has permanent bed head in the back. It's always fuzzy, and it always looks like she hasn't had a bath in weeks. Her bangs were crazy, and down to her nose, and since she would never let me pull it back in a ponytail, I just trimmed them to her forhead. It's cute.

I was nervous that I'd cut them too short or uneven, and I was afraid that I'd lose her hair that I wanted to save, so I found a creative solution. I took tape, and I put in her hair across her forehead where I wanted it to be trimmed to. Then I cut along the top edge of the tape. All the hair stayed on the tape so I could put it in her baby book, and her bangs are even, and just the right length. I'm so smart. :)