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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Olivia looking a whole lot like her Dad.

Originally uploaded by Devona.
Olivia is getting pretty good at sitting. She's a little early, most babies are doing this after 6 months, but Liv still has two weeks until the big half year point.

I was taking pictures of Liv to capture the milestone and I snapped this shot. Olivia is making a face that I've seen Rob making in the pictures from when he was a baby. I'm thinking of one in particular, but I can't remember what he was doing. Maybe he was sitting in a box, or on his old rocking horse "Tony Pony." Mary, do you know which one I'm thinking of?

Well, anyway, hopefully I can get a copy of that picture for all you bloggers to compare.

It's really amazing how similar they look. I really only have about 20% of a presence in Liv's features. She has my eyes in shape, but they're the color of Rob's. I thought she had Rob's feet but they're mine. She also has my hands. Other than that she's all Rob. Her red hair even comes from his side of the family.

I"m ok with this though. You husband becomes attractive to you on a deeper level once you see how beauiful the kids he makes are. I wouldn't mind if all of our kids looked just like him!