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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Sorry We've Been Absent

Well, we've made the big switch. We've gone from PC to MAC, as some of you MACers out there will be happy to know. So it's been a big change, and I have no idea how to use this thing. It looks really nice, the text is all crisp, but there's all these keyboard commands, and the windows are all non-descript. I get lost all the time. I am also having probles unerstanding a lot of the programs and the way they work. How come I can't get into Rob's files and bring them over to my own desktop? I want to use the IMovie program and put the little digital movie clips of Olivia in there, but some of the best ones are in Rob's files and I can't access them. AAHHH!

Well, this was originally intended to let you all know where we've been, but instead it turned into a big rant. NOt very interesting stuff for our first blog in a week. I guess everyone has their boring entries. I better stop now before this one gets any worse.