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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Spring is here, finally.

It is official. Spring is here, Praise God, and I couldn't have waited for it any longer. Since the weather is so nice we went outside at our playgroup yesterday, and played in the grass. Olivia thinks that grass is the neatest thing she's ever seen, and she rubbed her face in it over and over again. Until yesterday, she'd never touched it. She has a few little red marks on her belly today, so I'm wondering if she might have sensitive skin lke her Daddy-o did when he was a baby. I was terrified all day long that she would get sun burn, so I was always walking around her to make sure she was mostly in my shadow, and it at least covered her face. I definately suffer from first-time-mom-syndrome.

It was good to remember what the sun feels like. In Ohio it is easy to forget what it's like to absorb UV rays. They really only make cameo appearences in these parts. It's mostly rain and clouds, especially if you're within 30 minutes of the lake. We had more cloudy days than Seattle last year.