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Friday, June 02, 2006

Olivia's world, through her eyes

Today Olivia was playing with her new castle play set that her great grandparents brought her for a gift. It's a "Little People" set with a dragon, a princess, and a prince. In Olivia's world though, it is a "doggy, baby, and King." The princess has a scepter in her hand and a crown on her head which have been converted into a "hat" and a cup of "milk."

During Olivia's playtime (which is usually before lunch, then nap...) Olivia was singing songs to her "baby" and the doggy and the King were climbing through the window. The song went like this, "yooooour, seeeeeppy. yoooooour, seeeeppy." Which I immediately recognized as the lyrics from the first track to her nap time CD: "You're not sleepy, as you seem; Stay awake, don't nod and dream..."

Then I looked over and the "baby" was lying in the bed, in the bedroom of the castle. Olivia proceeded to come up to me and tell me it was time for, "guk, night night," and so I took her upstairs, turned on her CD and rocked with her.

But, since Liv is a creature of habit, like her Mama, she wasn't ready to go to sleep until she'd had her lunch, so we back tracked down the stairs and had our lunch. After lunch we listened to our CD, and she was fast asleep by track three.

She's growing up so fast.