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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Children's Bible?

Olivia is really getting into books lately. Before we would read to her while she tried to squirm away. Now we sit down together and she turns the pages while I read. Sometimes she even finds a book and sits down with it by herself and reads. Its a great way to settle down for a nap and it's a wonderful opportunity to snuggle with our hyperactive kiddo.

I thought that now would be a good time to start reading her Bible stories, but I don't want her to tear the pages, and she doesn't sit still without pictures. Does anyone know of a good children's Bible? We have one, but the theology is really bad. It was given to us by a friend of ours, but I don't think that she read through it, if she did I know she would have bought us a different one.

The problem I'm finding is that they all change the message and make God appear less in opposition to our sin. I don't want to introduce Olivia to a God that is all buddy-buddy with her today, and then when she's getting older all of a sudden spring all of the stuff about God's wrath against sinners.

The book that we have now says, "God was not angry with Adam and Eve, He was disappointed." That's a flat out LIE! I was so surprised to see that. God didn't say, "Aw shucks, they can't live in my cool garden anymore. That's so disappointing. I took a lot of care making it." No God said, "Now you will surely die." That sounds pretty angry to me.

Is there a children's Bible out there with good illustrations and clear Law/Gospel theology? I want to make sure Olivia gets the whole story. If she grows up believing that she is a sinner redeemed by Jesus, her faith will grow her up in joy for all that the Lord has done for her, and we'll have the proper foundation as parents to deal with her sin as she grows up, even from an early age.