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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Measure twice. Cut once.

Measure twice. Cut once.
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Rob left me alone with no car while he went to work every day this week. Then our G5 broke unexpectedly. I had nothing to do and no where to go.

Olivia has been pulling my hair for months now. It's really aggrivating. And then to top it all off, on Thursday I had a knot in my hair about the size of a quarter.

In my boredom and desperation I cut off all my hair with the scissors that I use to trim Rob's gotee. That's right. In the bathroom, during Olivia's nap.

It looked really bad.

Then Olivia woke up and cried because she couldn't recognize me. I had made a really bad choice, and she was surely letting me know.

Fortunately she got over it, but my head still looked like I had gotten into a argument with a lawn mower.

To fix it I went to Famous Hair and paid $15.00 to get it evened out. Now I have the shortest hair I've ever had in my life.

Rob told me that I have to put little notes on all the scissors in our house now that say, "Measure twice. Cut once," so that I'll take a minute and think before I do anything this impulsive again.

I think I learned my lesson.