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Friday, August 19, 2005

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

I used to write blog posts on a regular basis.

But that was before the computer kicked the bucket. Then we went on vacation to Virginia.

Now we're back, the computer is fixed and we're back in business.

This is just a short note to tell everyone about Olivia's first steps. They happened on Tuesday while we were visiting Rob's family in the evening. Olivia was making her rounds on the coffee table in the livingroom while I ate some icecream. Then when she noticed that I was eating icecream without her she took her first timid steps from the table to the couch where I was sitting. It was about three steps to get there with her arms outstretched for balance.

Of course she was rewarded with some tasty frozen dessert for her efforts. She applauded herself, and we applauded her in return.

The performance has not been repeated. For whatever reason, she is back to crawling and cruising. She enjoys walking with her hands in ours, but if you let go with one hand she immediately sits down and cries in frustration. Walking is only done on Olivia's terms.

Maybe in a few days she'll try again, and stick with it.