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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

"The Word Made Foolish"

This weeks episode of the White Horse Inn is excellent. I recommend that you stop in and give it a listen. It'll only be up on the website until Saturday, so hop to it!

The question that our good friends at the WHI are hashing out is, "How can we be a people in the religion of the Book when we live in a culture where words have lost their meaning?" They touch on wide base of problems, all of which I've struggled with first hand. Since Liv is being a bit demanding today I will quickly touch on one point even though so many good points were made.

They discussed how we have become jaded to words, and have instead become a "follow you heart" generation. It is more acceptable to agree with an idea if you can personally attest to its "truthfulness." It is no longer with our intellect, and by study that we come to the truth, but with our gut instinct. Do people forget that our hearts and instincts are fallen? " The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? " Jer. 17:9

It is not by our subjective hearts and intuition that we can come to truth, but by the objective Word of God. Yet we do not turn to the objective and historical understanding of scripture, the confessions and creeds, to understand God.

This is fundamental to our relationship with God. We need to remember that we are sinful beyond reckoning, and it is within all of our parts that we stumble. If we "follow our hearts" ultimately, we will inevitably be led down a never ending bunny-trail, into a Godless life of sin. Instead follow the Word of Truth, and it shall set you free.