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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The monthly update.

"How do you like my pet giraffe?" Olivia asks.

Well, we did the monthly appointment yesterday. Olivia was in a beautiful mood all morning long, and was smiling and kicking her legs. It was a very exciting thing, I guess, to visit the doctor. Sue, the nurse, was goofing around with Liv and taking all of her measurements. Olivia is huge. She's gained 5 lbs. since her last visit. That's more than a pound a week, making for a grand total of 15 and a half pounds (that's 7 kg for our metric friends)! Olivia enjoyed displaying her nakedness for all to see, and she christened the examination table. It must have been a bit cold in there to be without a diaper.

Then came the tragedy. Immunizations.

Olivia was due for 5 shots, because we waited a month to give her the first shot, she's behind on one. Even still, 4 shots is a lot to handle for such a small thing. The doctor offered to let her take three or four at once, and then schedual another appointment for the rest. To me it seemed like it made more sense to do all at once so she only has to put up with the misery once. Well, misery it was. She screamed and looked at me like I had truly betrayed her, and had taken away everything she loved. I ruined her life.

She ran a small fever all evening, and was a beast. All she did was cry and sleep.

My father-in-law went and bought us some Tylenol for her fever. I gave her some, and I think that she must've felt much better because when she finally woke up (at 12:00 am) she was smiling and giggling again.

All is forgiven, I supose.