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Monday, October 17, 2005

Olivia the pig!

Olivia the pig!
Originally uploaded by Devona.
Has anyone ever told you how hard it is to take pictures of kids? It is multiplied exponentially by each child.

But here is an adorable picture (posted especially for you Dad) of Olivia at her costume birthday party this past Saturday.

The other cuties in the picture are Connor, who's birthday is 15 days before Olivia's, and his older sister Danielle. Their mommy was so kind to open her house to us and all of the other munchkins from our playgroup. We had a double birthday bash, which was so much fun.

We played pin the nose on the pumpkin (the pumpkin ended up with one nose and 3 extra ears), ate cake until kids were barfing orange, and stayed up waaaaaaay past our bed times. We were a bunch of party animals, a party mermaid, and one party baseball player. :)