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Saturday, January 22, 2005

A moment of silence...

I wasn't going to post anything today about Roe v. Wade. It's a very sensitive subject to me, and one I take very seriously. But after seeing so many others posting, I couldn't stop myself.

I ask that all married couples evaluate the importance of life together, and then visit this website. I know it's RC, but it's very important that we remember abortion in every way it could happen.

Lastly, I ask that we all take a moment of silence to reflect on life, and on God's blessing of children. And of course to pray for all of those effected by abortion, and pray that the murdering of babies under the guise of "freedom, and women's rights" will end soon.

A child inutero at 21 weeks. At this point there is still
three weeks left in which this mother could choose to abort
her baby.