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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Olivia becomes our sister.

This weekend was the event I've been waiting for since I found out I was pregnant. Olivia is now numbered among the saints in Heaven!

It was a beautiful service at our church, Hope Lutheran. Many of our friends attended, and most of our family was there as well. It was a great opportunity to show our old friends what our new church was all about. I don't know if we've won any converts (hehe), but it was good to share our joy with the people we love. Both the joy of witnessing Olivia's receiving the gift of faith, and the joy of hearing the Law and Gospel preached clearly, and with love.

Rob and I managed not to argue about who got to hold Olivia during the baptism. I just let him, even though I wanted to do it, but it makes more sense that the father would, since he's the head of our family. I just made sure I was the one holding her when we went to the altar for communion. This is ridiculous, I know, that I put so much thought in to something so small, but I'm weird what can I say?

Olivia was perfectly asleep when we went up to the fount, and the sacrament began. Rob and I both got a little teary when Pastor Kozak prayed the Lord's Prayer with his hand on her forehead. It was a beautiful reminder of all that God has for his children. He provides our daily bread, and forgiveness, and even the faith we need to love Him.

Then came the promise of Olivia's godparents, Andy and Ellie (that's the couple standing to the right in our picture, Mr. Swede), that they would help to raise our baby up in faith in God. This was also emotional because of how much we love and trust our good friends, and now our Olivia can trust in them as well.

Next, our congregation repeated the order of baptism with us. This was especially moving for me since my family doesn't attend a church. Pastor Kozak reminded us that this is the time that we remember our own baptisms. All of my family has been baptized, and I prayed that they would be pierced with the thought that God had bestowed grace upon them, too.

Then, Pastor poured the water over Olivia's head, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Olivia woke up, and I got nervous that this was when she screams at the top of her lungs. Nope, not our little sinner. She just smiled sleepily, and went back to sleep. She just wanted to be sure she didn't miss the moment.

We then had a small cake reception in the church basement for our guests and the Pastor's family. It was good because anyone who had questions had the opportunity to ask them, and out pastor was available to answer them if need be. We got a lot of, "It's different," and, "I liked it." We even got a, "I was listening to your pastor speak and it sounds a lot like when you and Rob speak."

To which I responded, "If you go to any good Lutheran church we all sound like this." (You'll be proud Pastor Kozak, we sound like you! You're doing an excellent job.)

Then as people were getting ready to leave, Olivia barfed on her beautiful dress and we changed her into her little duck suit. Regular Olivia fashion!