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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Get Firefox

Normally I don't talk about tech stuff on Love and Blunder, but after spending the last few hours trying to bludgeon Microsoft's Internet Explorer into displaying this page like it should be displayed, I've decided to break with tradition. I have one request for all readers of this blog:

Get Firefox.

If you're using Internet Explorer, you're using a browser that is unsecure, buggy, slow, and generally a pain in the online world's rear.

For instance, even though the new template for Love & Blunder is written in completely bug-free HTML and CSS (those are languages that describe web pages, for anyone who might not know), Internet Explorer displays it completely incorrectly.

To get around its problems and have their pages displayed properly, web developers have to employ cumbersome workarounds that actually exploit bugs in Internet Explorer.

Firefox is free, fast, more secure, and so much more hip than Internet Explorer. If you've always had an unrealized longing to be one of the cool kids, now's your chance. You don't even have to wear those nifty black horn-rimmed glasses. Download today.