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Thursday, October 14, 2004

My wife is a hero

Still no baby. The last few weeks of pregnancy are so suspenseful. Nothing seems to bring the resolution you want as long as you're waiting on a baby. It's as if some orchestra left a chord hanging in the air, and we're just waiting for the conductor to strike the final note.

Even though I'm anxiously waiting too, it's easy for Devona to feel a little lonely. I can't carry the baby for her, and I can't relate to all the aches and pains she's having. Any woman who has carried a child -- but especially my wife -- deserves a medal. Even though she's got a 35 pound basketball strapped to her hips, she still does the laundry, makes dinner, and a million other things around the house.

On top of all this, for her, that unresolved feeling is a piercing one. Every moment feels like it could be the moment. When every moment isn't, it can get pretty depressing.

All this reinforces to me that I've got the best wife around. I'm proud to be her husband when someone in the grocery store asks her "When are you due?" and she says, "Four days ago." And I'm proud to come home from work and see her knitting, or blogging, or reading, or whatever... still waiting, always waiting, for our baby's birth, perhaps the most incredible event of our entire lives.

He or she is coming soon. We can't wait!