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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Why Love and Blunder?

In response to The Terrible Sweede, I'd like to explain "Love and Blunder." Hopfully Andrew Peterson won't get too mad, but we stole it from his CD entitled "Love and Thunder." It's one the most amazing CDs ever, and I recommend it to everyone who loves CDs about real life. I relate that CD to our relationship for many reasons, in fact I'm sure Rob doesn't even know why, so this should be fun for him to read, too. There's a track on there called "Family Man," which I think Rob probably feels like he could have written, because it's about not expecting to settle down, and Rob and I are settiling down much quicker than we had at one time expected. Then there's the first track "Canaan Bound" which is about Abraham and Sarah. It's really romantic and I thought for a time that I might have trouble concieveing for medical reasons, so I really identified with Sarah having a baby at the drop of a hat just because God said so, even though it seemed to go against all odds. Plus, it's about being "Canaan Bound," and embarking on a journey together. That's what marriage is, we are Canaan Bound as well, only we don't know where Canaan is, we just know we're going there together.

It is interesting to think, though, that Love and Blunder might have been intended to describe us. That makes me think that Rob would definitely be "Love" and I am definately "Blunder." I almost like this way of thinking about it better!