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Thursday, July 29, 2004

I have nothing relevant to say

Since this is my first entry on our little blog I feel tremendous pressure to say something important. But that is impossible today. So I will, rather, just say what ever. I did almost nothing today besides work. That was really annoying today, too, because it was really busy and I still only made $35 because all of my tables were camping through the rush. (If you are a restaraunt patron, don't do this to your server during a busy time period, I beg you.) Also, the rumor is that when you wait tables pregnant people feel bad for you so they leave big tips. This is just plain false. Maybe it's because I'm married so they wonder what I'm even doing there, "shouldn't her husband let her stay home?" Not yet, but only 6 weeks left!!!
Then I came home and worried all day because the baby isn't moving as much today as it was the day before yesterday. The only reason I am worried is because I just went to the doctor and she told me to start counting kicks. So I ate and layed down and counted kicks. More than 8 in an hour, so everything is fine. Just like I suspected. I'm paranoid. The other day some guy ran a red light when Rob and I were driving home. It was close but not even close enough that Rob had to touch the brakes. Yet, it still freaked me out enough that I started crying because if he had hit us, he would have annihilated my side of the car. I'm just so worried that I'll die before the baby is born. I'm totally nuts, I know. Rob, is really good though, he lets me be nuts, and calms me down. Then tells me that I'm paranoid and have nothing to worry about.
I guess I should stop blogging now 'cause Rob just got home from a 13 hour day of work and he's waiting for me before he goes to bed.
So I post, turn off Emmilou Harris (I've been listening to her for over 5 hours now!) and get ready for bed.