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Monday, August 14, 2006

Old Comments

You know how in the archives some of the comments just disappear? It makes me sad.

Well I was looking through October, and the comments are still there. That's pretty cool. And I found some that were so funny that I laughed out loud... again.

From this post:

I love it! You know, I told Ron that if he messed up my makeup, he'd pay for it later. I don't think it would have mattered much, though, even if he had. The frosting was a rolled fondant, which is really thick and smooth. It tasted like a marshmallow taffy. It probably would have just peeled off my face.

BTW, you BOTH look good with cake faces!
Erica Olson | Homepage | 10.04.04 - 5:30 pm | #

I was going to do the nice little, "here's some cake on you nose," to Rob. But he took a whole hand full of cake, which would never have fit into my mouth, So I took a bigger hand full, and went straight for the face. I won. He got some in my nose, but his was all in his hair and everything. HA!

Rob's dad told Rob's sister that she'd get it if she did the same thing at her wedding.

Amazing fact: I got zero cake on my dress.
Devona | Homepage | 10.04.04 - 6:02 pm | #

That was fortunate! That was something else I was afraid would happen if Ron nailed me with the cake. My grandma worked so hard to make my dress, and I didn't want anything to ruin it.

You look like you were enjoying smashing it in each other's faces, though! And I love the final picture with you and a face full of cake. Just makes me smile!
Ron Olson, the Terrible Swede | Homepage | 10.05.04 - 8:53 am | #

Oooops! That wasn't Ron! It was meeeee!
Erica Olson | Homepage | 10.05.04 - 8:54 am | #

Devona, you must have a great personality. I must admit I would have been furious if my husband did this to me...and I know he wanted to. Of course, it sounds like you were the instigator!!! I think you will make fine parents because you've got good senses of humor. In the days to come, you will often be faced with the choice to cry or just to laugh it off! Laughing works better, trust me. Theresa
TKls2myhrt | Homepage | 10.05.04 - 10:52 pm | #

I heard there was a statistic somewhere that linked the length of marriage and probability of divorce to the couple smashing the cake opposed to feeding nicely.

Julie was mad, because with that figure in mind I told her she was not allowed, and if she did smash I would, and I quote, make her pay (i.e. cake EVERYWHERE). Maybe my control issues will have more bearing than cake smashing... HA! Actually, that's kind of disturbing, now that I think about it.
Eric R | 10.06.04 - 1:40 pm | #

So Eric, are you saying that according to that statistic we're getting a divorce? Cause I think we might throw that statistic off if that's what is expected.

Rob and I looked at all of your Kate pictures on your site last night. Seeing the "first sponge bath" video makes me really excited to meet our baby, whenever they feel like making their grand debut.
Devona | 10.06.04 - 2:41 pm | #

I don't think there was much to it. It was just a random thing that happened to stick to my random brain...

From the looks of it, though, I'd be more worried that you got all of it cleaned up by now... I mean, you were rubbing it pretty deep, by the looks of it! Sure Rob doesn't still have icing on his eardrums or anything?

Eric R | Homepage | 10.06.04 - 4:27 pm | #

Not that I'm aware of, but as he said, I got him so good it took him too long to get it off him. So long in fact that he never even got to taste the cake cause it was all gone before he cleaned up.
Devona | Homepage | 10.07.04 - 10:56 am | #

i'm all about the cake smash personally, andy and I were pretty covered in cake at our wedding. I didn't aim for his mouth.

It makes for great pictures afterward
I never realized how many people aren't into that, I don't think i've been to any weddings where the cake wasn't smashed.

One thing that's funny though is if I smashed cake in andy's face say tonight at dinner, he would NOT be too happy, somehow in a formal setting, it's alright.
Ellie | Homepage | 10.11.04 - 9:24 am | #

amazing fact: no cake got on my dress either, nor Andy's tux
Ellie | Homepage | 10.11.04 - 9:25 am | #

I think it might be a good idea to smash cake in Andy's face at dinner. I laughed so hard when I thought of it.

Maybe if you make something really nice and invite some friends over it'll be more like a wedding type setting and you could get away with it.
Rob | Homepage | 10.11.04 - 7:31 pm | #

Eric R | 10.12.04 - 10:42 am |