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Friday, March 17, 2006

This is not something I do often

but I feel it must be done.

I am growing up in a generation of young adults, specifically Christian/Evangelical adults, looking to parent the "godly way." Rather than look to our parents and to our God given instincts we often seek out books.

Usually, the most popular books win, whether the advice is sound or not. And as we fad-weary know, usually the most popular has the most garbage.

Michael and Debbie Pearl of "No Greater Joy" ministries (I won't provide a link, they're easy to find) are certainly not the most popular in the mainstream, but in evangelical homeschooling circles they very much are.

I just wanted to provide this article (Caution, it is very sensitive material), and an admonition to look very carefully into any parenting advice that calls itself "the only biblical way" to parent.

I had a lot more to say, but I think that it's better to come to your own conclusions about these things. But since this is not the first article that I've read along these lines I thought that it would be good to raise awareness of the dangerous practices that are being taught (from books and from the pulpit) as "God's commands" on raising children.

I pray that this is a passing phase like Jabez, but since my Mother-in-law was dealing with the Pearls when she was teaching her children, I have a feeling this is sticking around for a while.

And for the sake of peacefulness, I would NOT like to debate spanking in the comments. I would like to leave the comments open for questions and discussion though with the forewarning that I will not advocate or condemn "spanking," since that was not my point in posting this article.