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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

An emerging question

The semper reformanda of the church demands a constant critique of ideas and interpretations both new and old. Since writing my post Preaching to postmoderns, I've been reading a lot of materials from emerging church movements. I'm left with one definite impression: This could be the "next big thing."

I've compiled a list of emerging church links below in the hope that all reading this blog can begin to learn about this movement and develop opinions and arguments. I'd love to hear your comments. I'd like this to be the beginning of an ongoing discussion of the issue.

Questions currently on my mind:

  • Because of the nature of the movement, can any observations about the orthodoxy of the emerging church movement be made, or must they be dealt with on a church by church basis?

  • Does the emerging church movement confuse the kingdom of the right hand/kingdom of the left hand doctrine?

  • Are the postmodern philosophies underlying the movement antithetical of catholicism (small c) by their very nature, or can they be adopted by orthodoxy?

Here are the links:

Defining emerging church:

Emerging church resources:

  • The Ooze - Self described "conversations for the journey." Very large emerging resource.

  • Future Shape of the Church - A definition of emerging church and a few articles written by a proponent.

  • Next Wave - Site on church and culture

  • Emergingchurch.info - Another site for essays, articles, discussion. Similar to the Ooze.

  • Vintage Faith - "Exploring the emerging church and vintage Christianity."

Emerging church blogs:

Emerging churches: