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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Semper fidelis, semper reformanda.

I added a bit to our blog's sidebar this week -- a few links to some of our favorite pages on the web and a description of our blog.

To explain the description: For anyone who doesn't know, semper fidelis is Latin for "always faithful," and semper reformanda means "always being reformed."

Since deciding upon this description, I've realized that the second part might need a little clarification. I've found that semper reformanda has a lot of attachments to it -- especially in Reformed theological circles. Devona and are not Reformed with a capital R, meaning we don't hold five-point Calvinism to be true, etc.

Rather, I chose the phrase for two other reasons: 1) We are Lutherans, members of one denomination produced by the reformation. 2) We hope to be experiencing a personal reformation daily. We both hunger for a daily rejuvenation and revitalization of faithfulness, fed by the Word.

We're at a pretty pivotal time in our lives. We've been learning how to be married, welcoming a child, entering a new church and so much more. It often feels like every day I wake up a different sort of person than the one who fell asleep. That's got to be a good thing.

Just thought I'd explain.