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Thursday, July 21, 2005

I'm 9 months old today!

Blue-eyes and smile
Originally uploaded by Devona.

That's right. Today I am as old on the outside of Ma as I was inside of Ma. That's old.

Did you know that I like to yell? I really really like to yell. There are so many things that are important to say loudly. So I yell about them.

Ma tried to teach me to swim. I swallowed a bunch of water and it made me cry. I like swimming as long I can put my face in when I want to. When Ma does it I choke.

I got my first black eye, and my first fat lip this week. I can almost walk, so I like to pull up on furniture. Well, I was trying to read a book from the book shelf, and it fell when I grabbed it. The next thing I knew Ma and Da were yelling and my eye hurt really bad. I was in a heap on the ground. Then I ate some mom-food and I felt better. Ma showed everyone my eye, they looked sad.

The next day I was watching Da get ready for work in the bathroom. I like to play with the shiny things in the tub, but when I tried that day I slipped and my mouth was attacked by the tub. I cried a lot.

Oh yeah, I am asking Ma to change my profile. I look like such a baby in there, and I like so many new books. So come and see it if you have some time.