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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Book tag, Liv-style

Hi. I'm playing this game that all the grown-ups get to play. Book-tag is a little different than pat-a-cake, which is interactive. In book-tag we just write about books we like, I guess that's fun.

Books I like:
Anything I can get my hands on, really. I like the crumple and taste of paper. But some books Ma and Da read to me, and I like that. Here they are...

Goodnight Moon, Margret Wise Brown.I like the little bunny, and the quiet rhythm of the words.

The poetry of Robert Frost. More rhythm. And he talks about trees and horses, which I like.

Where's Spot? Eric Hill. That silly doggy didn't want to eat his supper. I really like doggies. When I say doggy it sounds like this, "Doh Doh."

The Very Busy Spider, Eric Carle. Bugs are really neat. I have lots of bug toys, and this is a book about a bug. I don't know why Ma doesn't like bugs. She's always putting them inside cups and then making them go outside. Sometimes she squishes them. She doesn't' even try to eat them! I will never understand grown-ups.

Where the Wild Things Are, Maurice Sendak. I am a Wild Thing myself, so I can relate to this book. All the rumpusing and mischief. Plus, when Ma reads it she makes some really silly sounds. I love to laugh at Ma's sounds.

Luther's Small Catechism. Ma says that we should read it more often. I agree. There are lost of nice black and white pictures in there which are still my favorite kind. Also, this has the regular paper pages, so I like to crinkle them when Ma's not looking.

The Lutheran Hymnal. I love this book. I'm not going to tell Ma and Da why though. I like to keep a little mystery in my life. You can always find me trying to grab it in church, though. Sometimes I even try to grab it from an unsuspecting stranger. One of these days they will let me hold my own. Maybe if I just keep grabbing...