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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Tush and Vowels

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Hi everyone! I decided to take a break from eating my sweet potatoes to let everyone know about my progress in the art of speech. I'll explain a little bit about my adventures scooting around backwards, too. Which one do you want to read about first? Scooting? Ok.

I love moving around. In fact I love it so much that Mom and Dad argued about whether or not I was fast enough to get away and go down the stairs. Mom won, and so now everything in the the living room has been moved to a new place, and there is a white plastic gate at the top of the steps. I haven't gone near it. Mom and Dad have to move it a hundred times a day though. I am feeling a little squirrely today though, so I might move my way over there to see what is so great about the other side of that gate, and learn why they keep taking it down and putting it back up.

The method I use to get from one place to another is called the "Modified Push-Up." The first step is to either fall flat on your face from sitting, or if you're feeling like taking your time, you can always inch down slowly into the belly crawl position. Then you lift up your body, pointing your tush to the sky and wiggling it back and forth a few times. Then push with your arms and your feet should go sliding backwards until you return to the belly crawl postion. This is most effective on hard wood floors and linolium, but with determination you can achieve this move on carpet as well. It doesn't work in grass at all. If anyone is in the market for a new way to move, I'll be offering lessons between lunch and nap-time. Check with my secretary, I mean Mom.

The only down side to the "Modified Push-Up" is that if you want your jingly block or your Spot book, it will take you hours to get it. For some reason, when I move around this way I always end up farther away from what I want, and so I cry. Sometimes Mom picks me up to move me toward my book or block, some times she picks up the toy and moves it to me. All in all I think I'll stick with this until something better comes along.

I'm also learning to talk. The best conversation I have had so far is with the coasters at Outback Steak House when Dad and I took Mom on a date for Mother's Day. Oh, I talked and talked. I used my voice the loudest I had ever used it before. I think it made the other people like me becuase they kept looking at us. I'm cute, so I can understand.

The noises that I find most effective for communication are the sounds my mom calls vowels all smushed together. It sounds kind of like this: "AAOOUUAAAAGAAAAAH EEEOOOOOOOOOAAAAAH" Which in this case meant, "Oh, Coaster. I love you and your papery texture. I enjoy chewing you, and throwing you on the ground. Hey, what's that guy looking at?!"

When I'm feeling quietly content and happy I make the "f" sound, or sometimes the "v" sound. Mom said that is a pretty normal place to start making what she calls "consonant" sounds. These are apparently "fricatives," which are easy beacause they are just vowel sounds that I say while partially closing my mouth with my teeth and lips. At least that what Mom said. Next I'm suposed to make "Stops" like "b, " "d," and "t." Those are suposed to be more tricky. But once I get those I might try some words like "baba" or "dada," who knows. Maybe I'll say "incarnation" instead. It depends on how profound I'm feeling that day.

Well, thanks for stopping by.