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Thursday, March 03, 2005

What I did today

Today Mom took me to the mall to spend her birthday money that she got from my two grandpas and my great-grandparents. I over heard her talking to her friend Eliza who came along. Mom said she was just going to use the money for things like groceries, but then she thought that she should treat herself since it is birthday money. I have no idea anything about birthdays, since this is my first experience with them and I also don't know anything about money. I did learn a little bit about shopping though.

The first thing I learned about shopping is that the first thing my mom picks up to buy is never the thing that she ends up buying. She also never buys anything on her first trip into a store. She always goes some where else first then turns around and goes back.

I learned that when I go to the mall I am fair game to all the big people. I must look like everyone else's baby, all these big people came up to tell my Mom how much I remind them of their grandkids. I know they're not my Grandma and Nana, I've never seen these people before, but they all want to touch me.

I learned from the jewelry store that these things are "girlie things." At least that's what the lady in the store said. Then she tried to get Mom to buy herself some of the shiny things I like to grab, but Mom said that since she doesn't make any of the money herself she has to wait until Dad buys her the shiny things. (Mom just told me to tell you guys that she wasn't at the jewelry place looking at jewelry, the lady there was one of those other people's grandmas.)

I also learned that shopping lasts all day long and it's a good thing I don't have to walk because I took a nice long nap in my stroller.

Mommy left the mall with three bags more than she did when we came in. I don't know what it is with my Mom and bags, but she always has a ton of them with her. I think that's where she keeps all the stuff from our house.